Karen & Dave Shares Journey to their Good Looking New Bodies

You do not have to take your weight loss journey alone. If you have a partner you can partner up with them like these couples did. These inspirational weight loss stories will make you feel like anything is possible. See other Weight Loss Success Stories here at www.mayche.com, you need all the motivation that you can get.

Dave and Karen were high school sweethearts that married young and had 4 kids. Their story will blow you away.


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This is what Dave says:

“I always saw Karen as she was not as she became. We both were “heavy” which is a nice way to say we were fat. One morning I opened up the medicine cabinet to find some razors and really was just blown away by the number of pill containers that we shared. They took up shelf after shelf. We both were taking things for weight related disease and some medications to offset the effects of the medications that we were taking for the weight related disease. It was just nuts. I approached Karen that morning over breakfast. She took my “lets lose weight” enthusiasm wrong and thought I was trying to say she was fat. It turned into an argument! After a few days she came around and understood where I was heading with this idea. We came up with a plan together that involved our kids as well. I realized that to truly lead my family I had to do it by example. As a family we lost over 200 pounds! I was 220 when we started this little experiment and now I am 180!”


This is what Karen says:

“ I hated how I looked. My sex life with Dave was really on the ropes because I hated my body. When Dave approached me that morning about losing weight I just knew he hated my body too but in hindsight I am so glad he stepped up and started the conversation. Our bond is stronger than ever. We planned meals TOGETHER. We shopped TOGETHER. The burden of constantly worrying about what to cook was no longer on my shoulders. We really partnered up and did something great for our family. I lost 45 pounds overall. I weighed 175 pounds when we started and now I weight 130 lbs. I look better. I feel better and my family is overall healthier.

Those pill bottles that gave Dave the idea to start a healthy lifestyle they are all gone. It feels great to know that my husband loves me so much that he wants to get as much life out of living as possible with me and that it is always better when you have a partner in life.’


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