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B12 Methylcobalamin Form
Are you thinking about adding more B12 to your diet? If so, congratulations! Chances are you can be well on your way to a healthier, happier life, especially if you are VITAMIN b12 deficient. Visit Australia Natural Health to learn more about vitamins. If you have read much at all about B12, chances are you now realize it comes in various forms. The most common form is cyanocobalamin. But another form, often referred to as “active,” is called methylcobalamin form. Here we will tell you about the differences in these forms. We will also tell you why methylcobalamin form is a great choice. Either form of the supplement, you can get them at a discount rate.

B12 methylcobalamin
B12 methylcobalamin


What’s the Difference?
There are a few main differences between regular B12 (cyanocobalamin) and methylcobalamin form. Firstly, regular B12 contains a small cyanide molecule. If you are looking to avoid toxins in your system, methylcobalamin form if the form of B12 you should seek out. Secondly, studies show that methylcobalamin forms of B12 tend to be more effective in the body when taken as supplements. These supplements have a longer staying power in muscle and tissues, and are more easily absorbed. This type of B12, in particular, is great for vision, nervous system health, proper brain function and boosting mood. We can go deeper by looking at their physical chemisrty – – Similarities and Differences between Cobalamins and Cobaloximes. See 17 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Brain Function –


Why Take B12?
We have already mentioned some of the many health benefits of B12. The methylcobalamin form of B12 offers all these same benefits. This includes prevention of heart disease, help with digestive issues, depression, pernicious anemia, and can even give you a boost in energy to perform your daily activities plus might get an extra for special fitness exercises . You may see an improvement of mood, skin, hair, nails, and even a slowdown of the effects of aging. Some find it easier to slow weight gain while taking B12. Almost anyone can add B12 to their diet. But the methylcobalamin form is even safer than typical B12 supplements. It’s amazing how Sixty-five subjects had neurological improvement -> B12-responsive neuropathies: A case series – . See other types of vitamin deficiency –


b-12 Sublingual
b-12 Sublingual


A Form that is Safe for Everyone
So what is there to love the most about the methylcobalamin form of B12? For dietary reasons (like following a vegetarian or vegan diet) some might have issues getting enough B12 from the foods that they eat. Others might be scared about the cyanide molecule that regular formulations of B12 leaves behind in their body. Either way, you can take the methylcobalamin form of B12. It is synthetically engineered in a lab from non-animal sources. Plus it dissolves in your body without leaving behind any traces of cyanide. The methylcobalamin form of B12 is, by far, the healthiest and most effective form of this vitamin.


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