5 Tips on How to Get Bigger Arms

Everyone wants to have good looking arms. Yes, it can be done, you just have to train and workout the right way regularly and correctly and in no time you can achieve that goal. If you’re a man, you want your arms to be huge; if you’re a woman, you may just want to tone your arms and not to make it big. Whatever the case is, these tips will help you properly train and workout your arm muscles.


Workout Exercises for Bigger Arms
Workout Exercises for Bigger Arms


1 – On the first day just workout your main arm muscles
The arms should have their own training day by itself. If you combine training the biceps or triceps with other muscles of the body, you will achieve a good stimulus, but will not get to involve and isolate the main arm muscles completely. On day one concentrate on training the biceps and triceps exclusively.

2 – The second day of arms workout should be combined with the other muscles of the body!
Now you are ready to train your arms combined with your other larger body muscles. With the arm muscle workout, you must separate them to train the triceps and the biceps separately. Do the superset traditional combinations of ‘chest and triceps’, and the next session ‘back and biceps’ or vice versa. Remember that when you train the chest muscles, you are using the bicep muscles as well and the same is true when training the back, you are also using the tricep muscles. You must judge and feel yourself whether to join or separate the groups of related muscles. The best way to judge is by trial and error; do a couple of weeks training with each combination and then decide which you feel is getting you a good workout.

3 – The 3rd day, include the Forearms muscles on your Arms workout
It is wrong if you do not include the forearms on the 3rd day of working out the arms. Not only the forearm and the main arm muscles should be joined in this workout, but they must also be equally trained. For the forearms, simply have one day a week and train them using “Palms-Down Dumbbell Wrist Curl Over A Bench” Workout, this forearm workout will make your forearm muscles really hard. If you train your forearm everyday, you will find that you will not have enough strength because your forearm is so hard that you will find it hard to workout your other arm muscles particularly your biceps and triceps. You have to research and find personalized training programs to suit different individuals.

4 – Do not workout using only Cables!
Cables machines are ideal and good for training the biceps, triceps and the whole arms because of the convenience they represent, but this same comfort can make you fall into the trap of stagnation. You must train with free weights such as barbells and dumbbells too. There are many exercises and free weight workouts for biceps and triceps that you can research and try.

5 – Separate Training Days with at least 24 Hours
From what has been said above, you will train your arms three times a week; during your arms training days, you train the triceps with other muscle and also train the biceps with other muscles which was mentioned earlier as supersets. Have at least one day of rest between these workouts, or you will get tired and after a few days will surrender and will no longer be able to achieve the necessary stimulus, either to grow or tone your arms. But always pay attention to what you feel and decide accordingly if you can train or not train on a particular day.

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How To Get Bigger Arms: 5 Exercises For Huge Monster Arms